Thursday, July 13, 2006


The Post writes that Rudolph Giuliani is showing an increased interest in running for President in '08. Chris Matthews has been talking about this for awhile now on his show (not Hardball), and had thought that Rudy would wait until closer to the primaries to make a serious move. The thinking was that Rudy would want to keep the social conservatives away as long as possible.

I don't mind Rudy right now. And I certainly would like to see him enter the fray for '08. The nastier that primary gets, the better. Interesting to see where the Bush/Rove/Fox News insiders go.

From the article:

Perhaps most interesting was Giuliani's appearance yesterday with embattled social conservative Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), who is facing a tough reelection fight against Democrat Bob Casey Jr. Giuliani, who has often been criticized by conservative Republicans for his liberal views on abortion, gay rights and gun control, didn't mind sharing the stage with one of the Republican Party's most conservative senators. Could it be that Giuliani is hoping to mitigate his social views by lending his enviable fundraising skills to conservative GOP candidates in need?


When will McCain/Rudy figure out that people like them a lot more when they aren't courting the crazy/kool-aid/Bush/Santorum crowd?


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