Thursday, July 06, 2006

Quick McCain note #2-

The Washington Times reports that Aggie/ultra conservative/ex-Senator Phil Gramm has been writing speeches for McCain recently. Link.

The article also says that top aides to Republicans (who are at odds with McCain on some social issues) say that the '08 nomination is "his to lose".

From the article:

Now, one of the most widely respected conservatives in the country says he is ready to help pull the McCain campaign bandwagon whenever the senator makes his 2008 Republican presidential run official.

"He is the only person I know who is running and capable of getting elected who is tough enough to do what needs to be done," says former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, who has quietly been helping to write Mr. McCain's speeches. "He will veto spending bills and earmarks and stand up to the Social Security and Medicare challenges that will fall in the next president's lap with the baby boomer retirement."


Didn't this guy used to be a maverick?


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