Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Granite State

The Union-Leader's opinion page calls on New Hampshire's Democratic congressional candidates to defend the state's first-primary-in-the-nation status. Link.

The DNC is devising a (bad) plan to dilute the New Hampshire primary. The state obviously doesn't like the direction that things look to be headed, and is calling on candidates to protect the primary while the nation's political/pundit/journalist/Washington-insider eyes are focused on New Hampshire.

From the Article:

The Democratic National Committee is moving to diminish New Hampshire's influence in the Presidential nomination process. Its Rules and Bylaws Committee has voted to schedule one caucus immediately before and one primary immediately after New Hampshire's Presidential primary. This attempt to tilt the playing field in favor of big-money, insider candidates has the backing of DNC Chairman Howard Dean, of all people. It also has the backing of many Democratic Party activists, including widely read left-wing bloggers, supposedly the champions of the little guy.

Count this blog among those not in support of the DNC plan.


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