Friday, July 07, 2006

A blind man could have seen it.

The Times (along with many other media outlets) reports that Microsoft is no longer content letting sony/sanyo/casio/anyone else compete with Apple's strangle hold on the portable music/digital technology market.

Apparently Microsoft is making a device of there own that will NOT require a computer. The article also suggests that the device will let users "tag" music from other people on the same network and listen to it without purchasing it. Interesting.

From the article:

Entertainment industry executives who were briefed on the Microsoft music and video player said this week that the device was equipped with a wireless Internet connection and an advanced display screen, and that the company planned to release it before the holiday season, along with an online store.


I am inclined to say that the player will probably break down/freeze/fail/generally suck like everything that runs on a Microsoft OS. But it might surprise everyone- and the competition will certainly motivate Jobs and Co.


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