Sunday, June 25, 2006

To Sprawl-

I grew up in a suburb or two, and can say with certainty that I will not live in one for the rest of my life. My reasons are both political and personal. The Washington Post reports that, according to a think tank in Seattle, I can add health reasons as well. Obesity and car crashes are far more common in suburbs than they are inner-cities. Go figure.

From the (very short) article:

"Sprawl spawns fatal car crashes and fat people and is demonstrably bad for the longevity of people living in the Pacific Northwest, according to a think tank in Seattle.

The rate of car crashes, the leading killer of Northwest residents younger than 45, drops sharply in the region's most densely populated communities, where residents tend to drive less and walk and ride buses more, said the "Cascadia Scorecard," an annual examination of social trends by the Sightline Institute."


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