Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Politics vs. Policy

In the day' only must-read, the Times details Kerry's new plan- and the fury that it has caused among fellow Dems.


Mr. Kerry now describes the war in Iraq as a mistake, even though he once supported it. His critics say they believe the new stand reflects more politics than principle, and ignores other Democrats' concern that setting a fixed date will leave those in tough re-election fights open to Republican taunts that they are "cutting and running" in Iraq.


I don't support Mr. Kerry or his proposal, but the criticisms of it seem unfounded. I can't imagine anyone claiming he was championing this proposal for political advantage. Everyone seems to understand that nothing good that's come out of this war has been worth anywhere near the price we've had to pay (half a trillion so far, American lives, Iraqi lives)- just look at the polls. But, at the same time- I don't think there is a need for a date certain to stop this madness and killing. Let's just get out smartly- no need to mark it down on the calendar.

Here's an interesting tidbit-

Stepping into an elevator on Capitol Hill late last week, Mr. Kerry was asked whether he was under pressure in the Democrats' meetings to withdraw his proposal. As he insisted he was not, Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut, standing behind him, raised his eyebrows, then winked.

Kerry's not the man. But he does seem to have a plan that makes more sense than the current debacle.


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