Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Line Item Veto...

The Washington Post reports that the President is calling on the Senate to pass a line-item veto bill. Link.

A few things that are important to know about this issue:

1) The Supreme Court ruled a line-item veto bill unconstitutional in 1996.
2) The current bill differs from the '96 bill in that it only requires a simple majority to override a line-item veto (not 2/3).
3) George W. Bush has absolutely no respect/regard/understanding of the separation of powers.

It is simply amazing to me that a man that has usurped and abused his power in every regard would have the gall to try to get this type of legislation through congress. Despicable.

From the article:

"Bush said he needs the power to have more influence over lawmakers as they spend taxpayer money. "I want to be a part of the budgetary process," he said in an address sponsored by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. "It's an important part of the president's working with Congress and I'm not going to deal myself out of the budgetary process."

Bush has never vetoed a bill in his 5 1/2 years in office and, while long on record in favor of a line-item veto, he has never made a concerted effort to win such authority from Congress until this year as polls showed increasing conservative anxiety about federal spending. Since he took office, the federal budget has grown nearly 50 percent, from $1.86 trillion to a proposed $2.77 trillion for the coming fiscal year, driven in part by the cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the rise in entitlement costs."


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