Tuesday, June 20, 2006

John Kerry on Imus in the morning...

Well, I'm not a fan of John Kerry, but his words on Imus in the Morning were exactly what I would like to hear more of:

On Imus this morning John Kerry said his amendment (with Feingold and Boxer) "provides the only opportunity for success" and sets more than enough time to do "what has to be done" to get American troops home and get the Iraqis to stand up on their own.

Kerry went on to say that "this Administration wants to have a fake debate. . . cut and run, cut and run, cut and run, cut and run. . . They found their three words."

"My plan is not cut and run. . . Their plan is lie and die," Kerry added.

Lie and die? It's nice to have SOMETHING to counterbalance cut and run-- lie and die just might work.


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