Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Delay and Congressional District 22

The Delay saga won't end, but an interesting piece of news appeared this morning in my local newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, and will probably be available free only for a few days here.

Tom Delay, after he won the primary, then decided that he did not want to run for re-election. This created a problem, however, because if he withdrew from the election, his name would still remain on the ballot, and the Republicans would not be able to name a replacement (I think they would be able to after the election, if Delay won, but the article is unclear. Regardless, they probably wouldn't name a replacement in the off chance that he won.).

The other possibility is that he has made himself ineligible to run for the position, as he claims that he is now a resident of Virginia, having recently purchased a home there (in an attempt to mae himself ineligble).

Democrats want his name on the ballot. They believe that it will energize the base, allowing them to raise more money and get more people out to vote. They contend, and so far the Republican Judge in charge of determining it agrees, that Delay voluntarily withdrew from the election, rejecting the claim that he is ineligble. If and when the judges ruling becomes final, that could put a lot of pressure on Delay and the Republican party of Texas.


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Very interesting. I want to see his dirty name on the ballot, that's for sure.


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