Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Clinton Aides urge Bush to strike North Korea

The Post has an interesting article discussing North Korea's impending missile launch. Ex-secretary Perry and Asst. Secretary Carter (both from the Clinton Defense Department) are urging the Bush administration to launch a cruise missile from a US submarine at the missile site in North Korea set to launch a trans-Pacific test missile.

I believe that North Korea is a far more dangerous threat than Iraq was. However, our loss of political capital has made it difficult- if not impossible - to flex American military muscle.

Pulled quote-

"We believe diplomacy might have precluded the current situation," Perry and Carter said. "But diplomacy has failed, and we cannot sit by and let this deadly threat mature."

Perry and Carter say that such a strike "undoubtedly carries risk" but that there would be no damage to North Korea beyond the missile galley. They argue that the unproven U.S. missile-defense system might not be able to shoot down a missile.



Cheney, etc. say "diplomacy" is the answer in NK.

The officials, including Vice President Cheney and national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley, said they were pressing diplomatic options to persuade North Korea not to launch a long-range missile for the first time since 1998. "We think diplomacy is the right answer, and that is what we are pursuing," Hadley told reporters who were with President Bush in Budapest.


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