Wednesday, June 21, 2006

By the book? (Buy the book?)

Jeffrey O. Nelson has edited the encyclopedia of American Conservatism. Seems like a reference book worth owning.

The Times has a review of the book in Tuesday's edition. The review points out, rightly so, that if conservatism plans on surviving- it needs to start looking more like what's in the book, and less what it looks like today in Washington. Between Big Brother, the out of control spending, and big government- "this isn't your father's Cadillac".

Interesting- George H.W. Bush and Dick Cheney were both omitted from the book. Dan Quayle made it in.

Quote to pull:

Dan T. Carter of the University of South of Carolina said such entries offered a "pasteurized" view of racial history. "The rise of American conservatism owes, in some part, to racial animosity, and it's uncomfortable for many conservatives to deal with that," said Mr. Carter, a biographer of Wallace who describes his politics as liberal. "You don't have to say that conservatism capitulated to it. But you have to acknowledge it was there."


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