Monday, June 26, 2006

All the News That's Fit to Print?

The Tony Snow/Karl Rove/Drink the kool-aid/Fox News machine is calling for the prosecution of the New York Times for treason.

Here's a link to the Washington Post article.

And Bush says it's "disgraceful" on the AP wire.

Clearly, there are two distinct arguments going on here. First, is the tapping of phones/internet/email/social networking/bank accounts - helpful/legal/necessary/compelling and, furthermore, is it wrong that the New York Times, above the objections of the administration- ran the articles?

The answer to those questions will be debated and discussed between reasonable people. The former is a FAR more important discussion, and while the ends may be compelling- it's extremely difficult to argue that the means are. At very least, conform the program to the liberal confines of the national security laws that prohibit next-to-nothing. In the mean time, the New York Times (who sat on the international wire tapping story for nearly a year) should and can report on whatever it knows.


Blogger V. Hammond said...

Matt -

Something I was thinking about today that I couldn't answer was where the authorization to have secrets is derived from in the first place. I know that secrets have helped our country an immeasurable amount of times, but what is the source of their justification? Or is it always a posteriori, in that the vindication of secrecy lies in the proof that it was helpful, and that it was the only way to accomplish the objective?

-B. Hammond

6:51 PM  

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