Wednesday, June 28, 2006

4 Parts Bad/ 1 Part Good

Quick note.

The Supreme Court handed minorities in Texas a defeat today, saying that the gerrymandering done by Tom DeLay was not, in fact, unconstitutional.

Check out the article here.

I think that even moderate, rational conservatives would agree that this type of behavior is unconstitutional/sickening. What ever happened to the doctrine that you could redraw districts as long as race wasn't a factor?

The Court did find that one particularly bad redrawing, was not constitutional (not the one shown above). Looks like Rep. Bonillia will have a fight on his hands.

From the article:

The court upheld the state's ability to break with the tradition of redrawing Congressional districts only right after the official federal census every 10 years, potentially opening the door for legislatures in other states to rewrite their own Congressional maps at will throughout the decade, or when a new party takes over a state capital.

Oh well Texas, you're on your own.


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